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COVID-19 Journal: A quiet reflection

Shelter-in-place has made me reflect on the many little things I take for granted, like green onions.

>> May 28: The beginning of something wonderful
>> May 30: Peeking through
>> May 31: S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g
>> June 1: The final breakthough
June 6: First bud pops!
June 9: On the verge of exploding
June 13: Wooooooooooowwwww
June 16: Starburst!
>> There, the next little bud shoots up.

Discover beauty in every day.

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    […] have seen more green onions in my lifetime than roses and violets, yet I did not know that flowers grow so intricately out of […]


  2. Remembering a special flower – documen·ting

    […] If Safeway hadn’t run out of green onions during shelter-in-place, we wouldn’t have started growing them. If I hadn’t had to look on the bright side after a tooth extraction, I wouldn’t have had smoothies for a month, and we wouldn’t have so many yogurt tubs lying around. If I hadn’t transferred the green onions into the yogurt tubs, I wouldn’t have watched the most beautiful flower take shape. […]


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