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Dental journal: The long-awaited crown

Doctor Y said it would only get easier once the tooth implant has been inserted. With that remark, I was no longer paranoid and felt very much lighter than before. I went to Doctor C to complete the final crown, thinking it would be the easiest part of my #dentalmentalyear.

I drew this illustration, all psyched up and ready for the crown.

I miss chew…ing with my left molars.
I held Crown #19 in my palm, excited to munch and crunch

Doctor C: “You must be excited. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong this time.”
Me: “What could go wrong?”
Doctor C: “Not much, but sometimes… you just never know.”

Doctor C said that because we had a little hiccup during our previous appointment – the abutment that Doctor Y’s clinic sent was not of the right size. We had to reschedule after a long afternoon of assembling various tools and getting dental impressions. Not to mention the numerous x-rays.

Unfortunately, after fiddling with Crown #19 for a long while, she sighed, “I think I jinxed myself… don’t think we can bring this home today…”

At that moment, my heart sank, a lot was going on in my mouth and my head. I couldn’t wait to sit up and hear what she was going to say. But before that, we had to make yet another round of dental impressions and x-ray. On top of all these, a camera was inserted into my mouth to take photos.

By then, Doctor C had grown accustomed to my inquisitive nature. She explained the peculiar situation by showing me the tooth model and the pictures she had taken. For strange reason, the abutment screw was angled on the former but turned out straight when inserted into my mouth. “This is very weird…”, she repeated.

Three weeks have gone by, and we are scheduled for tomorrow.
Wish me luck!

– – – – – –

Unfortunately not, dental “coronation” day did not go as planned.

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