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  • 2020: The year I reconnected with nature

    2020: The year I reconnected with nature

    Thirty years ago, my parents moved us from downtown Singapore up North – to live opposite a jungle. We would watch Monitor Lizards cross the road and stumble upon the Atlas Moth. We would document the transformation of pearlescent green caterpillars with our old Olympus film camera with the faintest idea of what they are. It…

  • The Singaporean 🌳

    The Singaporean 🌳

    { This post was originally posted on A Little Daily Dose } Jon pointed out the 🌳 in earlier days when we started seeing each other. He made me say “Three trees” a million times and I have corrected many 🌳 into Three. Non-English conversations are almost non-existent after I moved to San Francisco in…

  • Remembering a special flower

    Remembering a special flower

    If Safeway hadn’t run out of green onions during shelter-in-place, we wouldn’t have started growing them. If I hadn’t had to look on the bright side after a tooth extraction, I wouldn’t have had smoothies for a month, and we wouldn’t have so many yogurt tubs lying around. If I hadn’t transferred the green onions into…

  • A Little San Francisco: Thinking Aloud

    A Little San Francisco: Thinking Aloud

    The uncut version of A Little San Francisco is probably three times longer and filled with many ludicrous ideas such as this one, about a gopher.

  • Experimenting with colours

    Experimenting with colours

    As I started drawing again, I wondered if I should experiment with colours and wandered off getting a watercolour paint set. It has been twenty years since I last dabbled with watercolours. I had fun doing that bit of colouring for the day, but soon realised the constraints we would face with coloured illustrations. Nobody…

  • Little steps towards the greater good

    Little steps towards the greater good

    Jon has sent me a draft to his novel and tasked me to draw. I’m not sure I’m up for it, but I’ve started on the littlest character in the story. The Western Honey Bee is a new friend that has turned up on our rooftop since March. Every day, the busy bee buzz around…