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Love you to the Sutro Tower and back

Sometime in July last year, when the city told us that we need to hunker down for a year (if not longer), I started documenting San Francisco’s weather @loveyoutotheSutroTowerandback.

In the last six months, I learned that the sun shifts one degree every day, the Perseids meteor shower is an annual affair, the neighborhood birds go crazy a day before the sky turn orange, air pollution makes the sun go pink, and the moon in “once in a blue moon” is not actually blue.

On 9 September 2020, San Francisco’s sky turned orange, but the sky had been hazy several days before that
Pretty in pink is not always a good thing
Great Horned Owls come out to play around the full moon

The Halloween full moon, which occurs every 19 years, made me realize that perhaps we might not be here for the next. We spend a lot of time traveling – when we are not visiting family (in the UK and Singapore), we are busy exploring the world. Despite being based in San Francisco for more than three years, I don’t know how “every day” feels like.

Shelter-in-place has made walking out onto the roof and watching the sky quite the daily essential.

Every day, I would look out towards Sutro Tower to get a feel of the capricious weather. Sometimes, after a glorious sunrise, dark clouds would take over the city. Other times, the sun would pop out after half a day of grey Victorian-era sky. I am beginning to appreciate the fog and clouds – they give San Francisco more character than she already has.

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