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2020: May #1secondeveryday

MAY we win the next game ๐Ÿ€„๐Ÿ€„๐Ÿ€„

{ Afterthought }

When Jon discovered Mahjong last month, we were thrilled to share this with our neighbour, Serene – this was the only way we could continue our Friday Mahjong sessions during shelter-in-place.

Then came one faithful day, when my itchy fingers wandered into the Ranked Matches. I regretted my decision the moment I lost the first game (East 1)! I wanted to leave the “room”, but there was no Exit button (unlike in the Friendly Matches with Serene). 

I panicked. I closed the website and opened a new window, only to find that I was still in the second losing battle (East 2)! Breathe! I can win this. No, the game went into East 3. I let out a squeak!

By the time Jon walked by to check on the commotion, I was trying my best to salvage East 4, thinking that was the last. Aaahhhhh! The game went into South 1, and I was still new to the rules of Japanese Riichi Mahjong.

I had no idea what Furiten was and how I could get a Yaku!

The game finally ended, but my confusion didn’t. Yet, it was the adrenaline rush that we both felt, playing a game with strangers, that got us onto the road of no return in the Bronze Room (of Ranked Matches). 

“Don’t underestimate playing mahjong. If you know how to play it, you’ll have a better understanding of the relationship between chance and necessity. There’s philosophy in mahjong.”

Chairman Mao

According to Chairman Mao, Mahjong was one of three treasures China had given the world – the other two being Chinese traditional medicine and the classic novel A Dream of Red Mansions.

Today, we have passed the Bronze Room and are battling in the Silver Room. It is a long way to the Gold Room. Will we make it or will we lose interest? It is too early to tell.

Japanese Mahjong differs a little from the Chinese version, and playing a virtual game is not the same as in person. Sheltering-in-place has made us relook and revisit many things we think we know.

June 1st is supposedly the end of shelter-in-place and a new beginning, but as of 8 pm last night, San Francisco has imposed a citywide curfew. A month ago, we were still wondering about “the second wave” and “it might get worse in winter”. Now we have a more pressing matter, and we are probably never going to bury a whale

Someday, perhaps, we will discover the philosophy of Mahjong and find a way to fix the world. For now, Jon is busy fixing The World he broke.


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