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2020: March #1secondeveryday

The month everything changed.

{ Afterthought }

San Francisco declared a state of emergency at the end of February and March started with many people panic buying at Walgreens.

March 16 started as a date we marked down for my tooth extraction – I was nervous but did not see the shock coming. Coincidentally, on the morning of March 16, San Francisco ordered shelter-in-place for all residents at 12:01 am on March 17.

Not only did March 16 became the most chaotic day of the month, it was the turning point where our lives changed. Jon and I were stuck with each other 24/7. I could not eat “normal food” anymore, yet, I had to sort out three meals a day for both of us.

I started turning my dental misery into humour and challenged myself to “eat” in a whole new way. I began to appreciate many things in life that we have taken for granted. I feel like I’m ready for whatever April is going bring.


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