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Missing in action (for 3 weeks)

I called out to Jon as he went to check on our bird sanctuary, ahead of me, “Did they finish the food?”

“The Quaker box is gone!!!”
“What?! Hoooooooow???? I laid stones in them!”
“I have no idea…”

I dashed into the kitchen, without taking off my other boot.
“Oh, nooooo!”

There was a dusty circle on the green plate, which the Quaker box party must have lasted for at least a week or two. What happened in the final days leading up to our return? No idea, indeed.

Wish we had installed a webcam to watch them from our travels.

On the same roof, however, something fun is happening – seems like our kales are about to bloom!

Learnt a new fancy word for these flowers – kale raab – they are similar to broccoli and Kailan flowers! I didn’t know that Kailan is known to the west as Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale. How interesting!

Given that our travel was right after winter where they hibernated, we weren’t exactly sure if they would start sprouting in bunches or die away. We did put them on drip like all our house plants so guess they survived?

What’s next?

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