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2020: January #1secondeveryday

Last year, we watched our friend, Eugene, documented his 2019 with 1-second videos, every day. We are very fascinated and inspired, mostly because it is hard to pick 1 second out of 86,400 seconds to represent a single day.

This year, we want to give it a go.

Here’s January.

{ Afterthought }

We did a 20-hour layover in Seoul, Korea on January 22 and arrived at Singapore Changi International Airport around five in the morning on January 23. Singapore was bearly awake.

As we hopped into a taxi, the 6 am national anthem started playing on the radio. I have not heard this in a long time.

“Marilah kita bersatu. Dengan semangat yang baru.”
(Malay for Come, let us unite. In a new spirit.)

Wikipedia – Majullah Singapore English Translation

Twenty-four hours later, we set off for Kota Tinggi, Malaysia. We celebrated the Year of the Rat in style over the next three days. When we entered Singapore again on January 27, there were temperature checks at the Woodlands Immigration Checkpoint. Singapore was busy getting ready for what was about to come.

Onward, Singapore.


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