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Extraterrestrial discovery…

When I saw the grass in the shoe, I thought the birds were going to make a garden out of it. Shortly after, some “yellow dots” appeared.

After a trip to Grenada, I have become an iNaturalist convert. Thanks to citizen science, I discovered that this alien little yellow dots were Phycomyces – or what is commonly known as “poo shrooms”. Eeewww

When this rooftop party started, I diligently clean up after the birds, almost every day. Jon said I was overdoing the cleanliness bit and after speaking to our friends, everyone agreed that I was overreacting.

“Nobody cleans up after birds!” they all seem to say.

And so I let it slip, for too long. On hindsight, it has been five months since the last clean? Or perhaps, the shoes have become a nutritious breeding patch for shrooms in the rainy season.

I am going to start cleaning again!

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