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The unexpected corvids

I used to think birds engage in a lot of idle talks and gossips, but recently, I am beginning to think otherwise. They might be providing specific navigation information to their group – telling family members where the food is and whether the coast is clear. Bird language with different dialects perhaps?

The word for “food” could be a common chirp in the bird world. The House Finch must have gotten the news (about food) from the Dark-eyed Junco and somehow, the news spread.

I read that the Corvidae family are highly intelligent birds. Maybe they are the linguists of the bird world who knew many different dialects.

The unexpected arrival of the American Crow allowed me to admire its iridescent fish-scale-like plumage up close. Is this a bird with a robust body or is this Christian Bale in batsuit?

Next came the California Scrub-Jay – did not know that it has such cute ruffles on its neck, almost like Santa with an overgrown white beard. I was surprised this woodland bird had come to our rooftop and even more fascinated that it could scoop three seeds in its beak!

Our rooftop party has expanded!

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