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Little steps towards the greater good

Jon has sent me a draft to his novel and tasked me to draw. I’m not sure I’m up for it, but I’ve started on the littlest character in the story.

The Western Honey Bee is a new friend that has turned up on our rooftop since March. Every day, the busy bee buzz around our lavenders – segment after segment, stalk after stalk.

It is sad to learn that California honeybees are declining and the Trump administration cannot afford to study it. Watching one little honeybee coming back day after day makes us feel that it is feeding a colony somewhere out there. They are many more of them, growing. We are in some way giving back to good old nature that has been so kind to us.

Shelter-in-place has made me focus better on two things: Becoming more aware of the nature around me and drawing for Jon (although I might get carried away by my imagination).

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    […] just the linework, I could digitally add in the honeybees from the previous drawing. This way, there are fewer distractions about colours and more free play with the elements. […]


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