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Tag: Writing

  • COVID-19 Journal: A quiet reflection

    COVID-19 Journal: A quiet reflection

    Shelter-in-place has made me reflect on the many little things I take for granted, like green onions. Discover beauty in every day.

  • A Little San Francisco: Thinking Aloud

    A Little San Francisco: Thinking Aloud

    The uncut version of A Little San Francisco is probably three times longer and filled with many ludicrous ideas such as this one, about a gopher.

  • The (bittersweet) arhat of living

    The (bittersweet) arhat of living

    Jon and I tied the knot in 2016 after being in a long-distance relationship. Although we spent less than a month together in the entire year, it was not difficult to notice an Englishman’s idea of “sweet” – the kind of candied, honey, caramelised sweetness in many British confectionery and desserts (which they like to call puddings). […]

  • The Mount Mogan Green [II]

    The Mount Mogan Green [II]

    { This post was originally posted on Someday, we will see the world } As we descended from the villa, we followed the true residents of Mount Mogan, who kindly led us to the waterfall. That was years before we knew about iNaturalist – a time where a beetle is a beetle (to us), with […]

  • 2020: May #1secondeveryday

    2020: May #1secondeveryday

    MAY we win the next game 🀄🀄🀄 { Afterthought } When Jon discovered Mahjong last month, we were thrilled to share this with our neighbour, Serene – this was the only way we could continue our Friday Mahjong sessions during shelter-in-place. Then came one faithful day, when my itchy fingers wandered into the Ranked Matches. […]

  • We Are One: May 29 to Jun 7

    We Are One: May 29 to Jun 7

    I miss making dog ears out of my film festival catalogues and looking for seat numbers in the dark, but I’m not complaining. Today, twenty-one global film festivals have come together, as one. Before I was able to travel, films played a big part in my late-teenage years and early twenties. It was the portal […]

  • The Mount Mogan Green [I]

    The Mount Mogan Green [I]

    { This post was originally posted on Someday, we will see the world } What do you do when your city is under shelter-in-place order?  Grow emergency bean sprouts? Attempt to draw? Spread positivity in the neighbourhood?  Been there, done that?  How about, jumping into the past? Click onto a random folder of old travel images and […]

  • A humpback whale sighting of a different kind

    A humpback whale sighting of a different kind

    “A 37-foot-long humpback whale washes up at San Francisco’s Baker Beach” – we first heard this a month ago. There was talk of a burial, but with the ongoing shelter-in-place order, the city has other pending problems to address. Before we know it, San Francisco has started to reopen and several sightings of the dead female […]

  • Experimenting with colours

    Experimenting with colours

    As I started drawing again, I wondered if I should experiment with colours and wandered off getting a watercolour paint set. It has been twenty years since I last dabbled with watercolours. I had fun doing that bit of colouring for the day, but soon realised the constraints we would face with coloured illustrations. Nobody […]