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Tag: Plants

  • Our su-percalifragilisticexpialido-cculent

    Our su-percalifragilisticexpialido-cculent

    A while back, we bought a Haworthia Tessellata – mostly because it had the tallest and longest train of buds. We can’t remember its full name and often call it the “red alligator plant”. As we watched the flowers bloom one after another, a friend from Singapore told us that the stalk and flowers were sucking up […]

  • Missing in action (for 3 weeks)

    Missing in action (for 3 weeks)

    I called out to Jon as he went to check on our bird sanctuary, ahead of me, “Did they finish the food?” “The Quaker box is gone!!!”“What?! Hoooooooow???? I laid stones in them!”“I have no idea…” I dashed into the kitchen, without taking off my other boot.“Oh, nooooo!” There was a dusty circle on the […]

  • Putting our plants on drip before travelling

    Putting our plants on drip before travelling

    Every time before a long trip, I would have to make sure that every plant has a “water bottle”. The spider plants have been the best and seem to adjust very well. Not too sure about the succulents but they should be quite low-maintenance (we shall see). We started a little kale farm last October. […]

  • Our unconventional Christmas tree

    Our unconventional Christmas tree

    It’s Christmas! We refuse to buy a tree and dump it away after the new year. Neither do we want to have a tree in our house all year round. We looked around the house and identified our biggest pot of green – the mother of all our spider plants. We are very proud of […]

  • A suitcase of greens

    A suitcase of greens

    My suitcase broke. It is a suitcase that has followed me around the world for the last five years. Finally, after travelling to Trinidad and Tobago, a wheel came off and ended any possibility of future travels. After using it as storage space for a while, I decided to recycle it as a planter box. […]