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Tag: Little things

  • 2020: May #1secondeveryday

    2020: May #1secondeveryday

    MAY we win the next game ๐Ÿ€„๐Ÿ€„๐Ÿ€„ { Afterthought } When Jon discovered Mahjong last month, we were thrilled to share this with our neighbour, Serene – this was the only way we could continue our Friday Mahjong sessions during shelter-in-place. Then came one faithful day, when my itchy fingers wandered into the Ranked Matches. […]

  • 2020: April #1secondeveryday

    2020: April #1secondeveryday

    Out of curiosity, we started growing plants and attempted to build a bird sanctuary (of sorts). Whatever that we have created in the last year has made this roof access a haven in times of a pandemic. { Afterthought } When shelter-in-place started last month, April 7 seems like a date not too far away. […]

  • 2020: March #1secondeveryday

    2020: March #1secondeveryday

    The month everything changed. { Afterthought } San Francisco declared a state of emergency at the end of February and March started with many people panic buying at Walgreens. March 16 started as a date we marked down for my tooth extraction – I was nervous but did not see the shock coming. Coincidentally, on […]