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Tag: Life

  • 2020: July #1secondeveryday

    2020: July #1secondeveryday

    So many exciting projects/experiments in July! Parchment paper-wrapped sticky rice dumplings were my greatest innovation that satisfied comfort food cravings  Preserved the last green onion flower in resin Closed the sustainability loop by reusing bicycle inner rubber tubes to make an unconventional rubber stamp and window drafts

  • What was the Red-tailed Hawk up to at Baker Beach?

    What was the Red-tailed Hawk up to at Baker Beach?

    On our way to Baker Beach, we caught sight of a handsome Red-tailed Hawk hovering in the sky. What was it up to? No, it was not eyeing on the Brown Pelicans. As we watched the hawk swoop down towards the waves, we thought there would be prey in sight. What happened at the end surprised […]

  • The Singaporean 🌳

    The Singaporean 🌳

    { This post was originally posted on A Little Daily Dose } Jon pointed out the 🌳 in earlier days when we started seeing each other. He made me say “Three trees” a million times and I have corrected many 🌳 into Three. Non-English conversations are almost non-existent after I moved to San Francisco in […]

  • Remembering a special flower

    Remembering a special flower

    If Safeway hadn’t run out of green onions during shelter-in-place, we wouldn’t have started growing them. If I hadn’t had to look on the bright side after a tooth extraction, I wouldn’t have had smoothies for a month, and we wouldn’t have so many yogurt tubs lying around. If I hadn’t transferred the green onions into […]

  • 2020: June #1secondeveryday

    2020: June #1secondeveryday

    June was all about self-improvement and learning how to make the world a better place.

  • COVID-19 Journal: A quiet reflection

    COVID-19 Journal: A quiet reflection

    Shelter-in-place has made me reflect on the many little things I take for granted, like green onions. Discover beauty in every day.

  • The (bittersweet) arhat of living

    The (bittersweet) arhat of living

    Jon and I tied the knot in 2016 after being in a long-distance relationship. Although we spent less than a month together in the entire year, it was not difficult to notice an Englishman’s idea of “sweet” – the kind of candied, honey, caramelised sweetness in many British confectionery and desserts (which they like to call puddings). […]

  • The Mount Mogan Green [II]

    The Mount Mogan Green [II]

    { This post was originally posted on Someday, we will see the world } As we descended from the villa, we followed the true residents of Mount Mogan, who kindly led us to the waterfall. That was years before we knew about iNaturalist – a time where a beetle is a beetle (to us), with […]

  • 2020: May #1secondeveryday

    2020: May #1secondeveryday

    MAY we win the next game 🀄🀄🀄 { Afterthought } When Jon discovered Mahjong last month, we were thrilled to share this with our neighbour, Serene – this was the only way we could continue our Friday Mahjong sessions during shelter-in-place. Then came one faithful day, when my itchy fingers wandered into the Ranked Matches. […]