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Tag: Journal

  • The (bittersweet) arhat of living

    The (bittersweet) arhat of living

    Jon and I tied the knot in 2016 after being in a long-distance relationship. Although we spent less than a month together in the entire year, it was not difficult to notice an Englishman’s idea of “sweet” – the kind of candied, honey, caramelised sweetness in many British confectionery and desserts (which they like to call puddings). […]

  • The Mount Mogan Green [II]

    The Mount Mogan Green [II]

    { This post was originally posted on Someday, we will see the world } As we descended from the villa, we followed the true residents of Mount Mogan, who kindly led us to the waterfall. That was years before we knew about iNaturalist – a time where a beetle is a beetle (to us), with […]

  • 2020: May #1secondeveryday

    2020: May #1secondeveryday

    MAY we win the next game πŸ€„πŸ€„πŸ€„ { Afterthought } When Jon discovered Mahjong last month, we were thrilled to share this with our neighbour, Serene – this was the only way we could continue our Friday Mahjong sessions during shelter-in-place. Then came one faithful day, when my itchy fingers wandered into the Ranked Matches. […]

  • We Are One: May 29 to Jun 7

    We Are One: May 29 to Jun 7

    I miss making dog ears out of my film festival catalogues and looking for seat numbers in the dark, but I’m not complaining. Today, twenty-one global film festivals have come together, as one. Before I was able to travel, films played a big part in my late-teenage years and early twenties. It was the portal […]

  • The Mount Mogan Green [I]

    The Mount Mogan Green [I]

    { This post was originally posted on Someday, we will see the world } What do you do when your city is under shelter-in-place order?  Grow emergency bean sprouts? Attempt to draw? Spread positivity in the neighbourhood?  Been there, done that?  How about, jumping into the past? Click onto a random folder of old travel images and […]

  • A humpback whale sighting of a different kind

    A humpback whale sighting of a different kind

    β€œA 37-foot-long humpback whale washes up at San Francisco’s Baker Beach” – we first heard this a month ago. There was talk of a burial, but with the ongoing shelter-in-place order, the city has other pending problems to address. Before we know it, San Francisco has started to reopen and several sightings of the dead female […]

  • Why you shouldn’t buy bird food with Milo in it – Part II

    Why you shouldn’t buy bird food with Milo in it – Part II

    My feathered friends made this clear before they disappear: the difference between a big pan of the deluxe blend and a small pan of Black Oil and Striped Sunflower Seeds is the trouble involved in separating The Undesirables. Above: Every time the birds kick The Undesirables off to the ground, I have more to clear. […]

  • 2020: April #1secondeveryday

    2020: April #1secondeveryday

    Out of curiosity, we started growing plants and attempted to build a bird sanctuary (of sorts). Whatever that we have created in the last year has made this roof access a haven in times of a pandemic. { Afterthought } When shelter-in-place started last month, April 7 seems like a date not too far away. […]

  • COVID-19 journal: Sprouting a new attitude

    COVID-19 journal: Sprouting a new attitude

    When the White House warns against going out to buy groceries, it is only natural to avoid heading out during the projected apex. Yet, after three weeks of onions, potatoes and carrots, we do crave something, new. “Let’s grow bean sprouts out of mung beans!” “How? We’ve ran out of soil. And it is going to […]