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Tag: DIY

  • 2020: August/September #1secondeveryday

    2020: August/September #1secondeveryday

    August was all about reading more (💪🏼 #SummerStride yay!!!), sulking less about the weather @loveyoutothesutrotowerandback, and drawing birds @alternativebirdfeeder September felt like we are inching out of a long hibernation… reconnecting with people and the great outdoors. { Afterthought } San Francisco turned orange on 9 September. On hindsight, I did notice some strange behavior in the crows and…

  • Rethink conventional birdfeeders

    Rethink conventional birdfeeders

    Last year this time, we started a rooftop party for the backyard birds with two pairs of worn-out Converse shoes and a broken suitcase – it was great for many months until we made an “extraterrestrial discovery“. Not only did we need something that could withstand the city’s strong wind, perpetual fog, and crazy rain, it has…

  • 2020: July #1secondeveryday

    2020: July #1secondeveryday

    So many exciting projects/experiments in July! Parchment paper-wrapped sticky rice dumplings were my greatest innovation that satisfied comfort food cravings  Preserved the last green onion flower in resin Closed the sustainability loop by reusing bicycle inner rubber tubes to make an unconventional rubber stamp and window drafts

  • 2020: June #1secondeveryday

    2020: June #1secondeveryday

    June was all about self-improvement and learning how to make the world a better place.

  • Why you shouldn’t buy bird food with Milo in it – Part II

    Why you shouldn’t buy bird food with Milo in it – Part II

    My feathered friends made this clear before they disappear: the difference between a big pan of the deluxe blend and a small pan of Black Oil and Striped Sunflower Seeds is the trouble involved in separating The Undesirables. Above: Every time the birds kick The Undesirables off to the ground, I have more to clear.…

  • Why you shouldn’t buy bird food with Milo in it – Part I

    Why you shouldn’t buy bird food with Milo in it – Part I

    Shelter-in-place happened too quickly and coincided with my tooth extraction. We had no time to run down to Sloat garden to stock up our bird seeds. Around end of March, when the lockdown dates got extended, we felt that we should order some bird food online for our rooftop party. We happily bought a 10-lb…

  • COVID-19 journal: Sprouting a new attitude

    COVID-19 journal: Sprouting a new attitude

    When the White House warns against going out to buy groceries, it is only natural to avoid heading out during the projected apex. Yet, after three weeks of onions, potatoes and carrots, we do crave something, new. “Let’s grow bean sprouts out of mung beans!” “How? We’ve ran out of soil. And it is going to…

  • What happens after the Kale flower?

    What happens after the Kale flower?

    Since our return, two of our kales have been blooming with yellow flowers – we learnt that they have probably arrived at the end of their cycles. As much as we want to watch this flowering process, we noticed how the rest of our kales have shrunk and turned purple. We moved the flowering ones…

  • Our su-percalifragilisticexpialido-cculent

    Our su-percalifragilisticexpialido-cculent

    A while back, we bought a Haworthia Tessellata – mostly because it had the tallest and longest train of buds. We can’t remember its full name and often call it the “red alligator plant”. As we watched the flowers bloom one after another, a friend from Singapore told us that the stalk and flowers were sucking up…