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Tag: Craft

  • Remembering a special flower

    Remembering a special flower

    If Safeway hadn’t run out of green onions during shelter-in-place, we wouldn’t have started growing them. If I hadn’t had to look on the bright side after a tooth extraction, I wouldn’t have had smoothies for a month, and we wouldn’t have so many yogurt tubs lying around. If I hadn’t transferred the green onions into […]

  • The party will go on…

    The party will go on…

    After making sure that the plants have water for weeks, I started wondering about the rooftop party. How can I provide them with food for weeks? Mr Quaker Oats was empty and seemed like a responsible choice – I cut a hole near the bottom and filled him up with millets. Ideally, millets should pile […]

  • Glycerin bath experiment – gone wrong :(

    Glycerin bath experiment – gone wrong :(

    Two days into the glycerin bath experiment, I think I might have screwed it up – brown blemishes started appearing on the parts that were covered by mason jar lids. Did the metallic lids react with glycerin? Or was it the aluminium tray? I wish I knew. I’m not even sure if these two days […]

  • Glycerin bath experiment

    Glycerin bath experiment

    Somewhere in December, I picked out some fallen leaves on our walks. I want to bring them back to Singapore for the family leaf book that my father has. I showed him the leaves over a video call and he sighed “If only the colours could stay this way…” Before I found a way to […]