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Tag: Botany

  • Remembering a special flower

    Remembering a special flower

    If Safeway hadn’t run out of green onions during shelter-in-place, we wouldn’t have started growing them. If I hadn’t had to look on the bright side after a tooth extraction, I wouldn’t have had smoothies for a month, and we wouldn’t have so many yogurt tubs lying around. If I hadn’t transferred the green onions into […]

  • Our su-percalifragilisticexpialido-cculent

    Our su-percalifragilisticexpialido-cculent

    A while back, we bought a Haworthia Tessellata – mostly because it had the tallest and longest train of buds. We can’t remember its full name and often call it the “red alligator plant”. As we watched the flowers bloom one after another, a friend from Singapore told us that the stalk and flowers were sucking up […]

  • A suitcase of greens

    A suitcase of greens

    My suitcase broke. It is a suitcase that has followed me around the world for the last five years. Finally, after travelling to Trinidad and Tobago, a wheel came off and ended any possibility of future travels. After using it as storage space for a while, I decided to recycle it as a planter box. […]