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Tag: Bird watching

  • American Crows versus Red-shouldered Hawk

    American Crows versus Red-shouldered Hawk

    The Red-shouldered Hawk took flight with its prize catch and landed on a cypress tree nearby. Shortly after, a couple of American Crows came. They were trying to find their footing around the hawk and all of a sudden, one of them charged towards it! Were they attempting an ambush on the hawk? The following […]

  • Red-shouldered hawk and its prize catch

    Red-shouldered hawk and its prize catch

    I was out gardening on the roof when I heard the familiar shriek. By now, I have gotten acquainted with this good looking bird. There it is! Did it pick up a flower on its way to the chimney? I dropped everything and ran into the house to grab my camera. Ooooohhhhhhhh my, it’s not […]

  • The party will go on…

    The party will go on…

    After making sure that the plants have water for weeks, I started wondering about the rooftop party. How can I provide them with food for weeks? Mr Quaker Oats was empty and seemed like a responsible choice – I cut a hole near the bottom and filled him up with millets. Ideally, millets should pile […]

  • Finally, the beeping Towhee

    Finally, the beeping Towhee

    This project started because I wanted to get a closer look at the California Towhee. Finally, my first feathered friend arrives at the party. Guess who’s unhappy? “Hey, bird-feeding-woman, do something…” “Hmph!” “Do you hear me?” “Dooooo something!!!” The juvenile House Finch who has been dominating the feeders gets a taste of its medicine. Hee…

  • One crazy House Finch party!

    One crazy House Finch party!

    There were probably three families of House Finch at the feeders. The Dark-eyed Junco could barely fight for a spot. At some point, everyone had to wait… (and grumble while they wait).