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Tag: Bird of prey

  • Red-shouldered hawk and its prize catch

    Red-shouldered hawk and its prize catch

    I was out gardening on the roof when I heard the familiar shriek. By now, I have gotten acquainted with this good looking bird. There it is! Did it pick up a flower on its way to the chimney? I dropped everything and ran into the house to grab my camera. Ooooohhhhhhhh my, it’s not […]

  • Hey good lookin’

    Hey good lookin’

    I spotted a Red-shouldered Hawk on the roof of the house opposite. It looked like it had just gotten out of bed – fluffy hair with a look of wonder. Within seconds, it fluttered away. A few days later, another Red-shouldered Hawk appeared. I gasped! It can’t be the same bird! Can it? Where is my […]