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Parchment paper wrapped sticky rice dumplings

Comfort food craving during shelter-in-place has led me to experiment with the limited resources I have in the kitchen.

Sticky rice dumplings – also known as Zongzi (粽子) and countless other names like Bak Zhang or Chinese Tamales – is made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves.

I drew a bamboo leaf outine on parchment paper and made several cutouts.

I twisted two “parchment paper leaves” into a cone shape, and started stuffing rice and fillings.

>> First parchment paper wrapped sticky rice dumpling 🙂
>> Afraid that the experiment might fail, I added some ceramic bowl backups
>> Instead of boiling them directly in hot water, I steamed them over boiling water
>> My proudest innovation ever!

After twenty minutes of steaming, parchment paper wrapped sticky rice dumplings was a surprising success!

Can’t wait to make them in other flavors!

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