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The Mount Mogan Green [II]

{ This post was originally posted on Someday, we will see the world }

As we descended from the villa, we followed the true residents of Mount Mogan, who kindly led us to the waterfall.

>> A beetle (Later identified as Odontolabis cuvera ssp. sinensis)

That was years before we knew about iNaturalist – a time where a beetle is a beetle (to us), with no name of its species.

>> A moth (to be identified)
>> A caterpillar (to be identified)
>> A human being – Jon Robson (identified)
>> A dragonfly (to be identified)
>> Fishes (mostly likely carps)
>> A frog (to be identified)

And then, the moment came.

I knew Jon is a lover of nature and animals, but it was then, I discovered his obsession for frogs.

>> Jon Robson scrolling the net in search for frogs in China

At that moment, the Mount Mogan Green morphed into the stillness of a frog and in that state of being, we were at peace.

Many years after, we would discover the bubble-blowing creature in Grenada.

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