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The Mount Mogan Green [I]

{ This post was originally posted on Someday, we will see the world }

What do you do when your city is under shelter-in-place order? 

Grow emergency bean sprouts
Attempt to draw
Spread positivity in the neighbourhood

Been there, done that? 

How about, jumping into the past? Click onto a random folder of old travel images and let your memory run, backwards.

It was the summer of 2015. Jon came to visit me in Shanghai. Over one weekend, we jumped onto one of the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed trains and zoomed into the distant green within an hour.

It did not feel like we were speeding at 350km/h while we were on the train. Yet, when we saw another train disappear like a mighty gust of wind at the train platform of Deqing station, we were blown away. Whoa!

In another 30-minutes, a cooling shade of green enveloped the taxi that took us from Deqing station to Mount Mogan.

Our adventure took us in the opposite direction of the rapid waters.

A visit into one of the villas on the mountain top made us realise, the Mount Mogan Green is not just a colour – it is luxury and great privilege.

Architectures in southern China are well known for their gardens where every intricate detail matters. The tiles on the roof, the egret figurine on the pavilion, the fishes and ducks around the pond…

In the past, Mount Mogan was the place foreign missionaries, gang lords and country leaders spend their summers. And there we were, admiring the countless shades of green that they have all adored.

[To be continued…]

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