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Why you shouldn’t buy bird food with Milo in it – Part II

My feathered friends made this clear before they disappear: the difference between a big pan of the deluxe blend and a small pan of Black Oil and Striped Sunflower Seeds is the trouble involved in separating The Undesirables.

Above: Every time the birds kick The Undesirables off to the ground, I have more to clear.

The Undesirables are what most birds (except pigeons) do not eat and merely fillers to make a huge bag of bird food seem less expensive.

In a scoop of the deluxe blend, Nyjer Seed – the caviar of bird seeds – is almost non-existence. Peanut Kernel and Safflower Seed are barely noticeable. The Undesirables consists of mainly Milo, Cracked Corn and White Millet (deemed undesirable after birds are given Black Oil and Striped Sunflower Seeds).

Out of curiosity, I created a makeshift sieve by cutting holes out of the lid of a yoghurt tub with a pen cutter.

Upon eliminating The Undesirables (about 80%), I was surprised to find wood shreds and tiny unidentifiable particles apart from Black Oil and Striped Sunflower Seeds.

What exactly did we buy?

I revisited our online purchase and read the one-star reviews of the deluxe blend. I had a good laugh. People who were baffled by the bird rejection shared my sentiments. Had we read these reviews in the beginning, would we have taken their word for it? I wonder.

We bought the most valuable lesson to bird feeding fundamentals.

“The key to successful bird feeding is offering the right food for the birds you want to attract.”

Wagner’s Deluxe Blend Bird Food

Will I purchase ten pounds of the deluxe blend again?
No. It is more costly than getting the same amount of pure Sunflower Seeds.

In the eyes of the birds, I’m just a stupid human who is out of my mind.

To make it up to the absent birds, it is my turn to separate the desired 20% out of the deluxe blend. Perhaps the act of such a laborious task might trigger a connection with the pigeons – something Tesla, Picasso and Dvořák see that I have yet to discover.

But before that, I have requested for a Super Soaker to tackle the congregation of Rock Pigeons – I have seen at least ten of them in the last three days.

I miss my old gang and hope they will return soon.

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