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Look on the bright (and smooth) side of life [II]

After making varieties out of my smoothies, here are some of my unconventional favourites.

Horlicks is my childhood drink, it is enriched with 14 vitamins and minerals. I like to think that the Horlicks I love, is a British product, completed by Singaporeans (the open secret to viscosity is condensed milk). With a smoothie – which is viscous, to begin with – sprinkling a little brown sugar is just about perfect. 

Horlicks (50g) dissolved in Hot Water (1/2 Cup)+ Banana (1) + Yogurt (1 Cup) + Brown Sugar (1 Tbsp)

Pandan is traditionally used in Southeast Asia to reduce fever and relieve headaches, insomnia, pain, cramps and believe it or not, strengthen gums. It’s amazing that Jon found frozen Pandan Leaves in our San Francisco neighbourhood, especially during shelter-in-place. Such a scarce commodity!

Pandan Extract (4 Tbsp) + Banana (1) + Coconut Milk (1/2 Cup) Yogurt (1 Cup) + Brown Sugar (1 Tbsp) + Pinch of Salt

Jujube, also known as 红枣 Hongzao or Red Date, is a popular traditional Chinese medicine and antioxidant that is rich in Vitamin C. It improves blood circulation, promotes bone strength and soothes anxiety. I added a little homemade Blood Orange Marmalade, just because orange peels are believed to boost oral hygiene. 

Jujube (3) + Banana (1) + Blood Orange Marmalade (1 Tbsp) + Water (1 Cup) + Yogurt (1 Cup)

My gum has healed pretty well, thanks to the daily intake of nutrition from my smoothies. The moment Dr Y said I could eat normally again, I reached out for my stash of dried Goji berries. I was tempted to have them the week before but remembered that fruits with tiny seeds are to be avoided, in case they fall into the gum.

Goji, also known as 枸杞 Gouqi, is an immune and energy booster with an excellent source of antioxidants. In a superfood face-off, I like to think that Goji beats Açaí in terms of accessibility and affordability. 

Goji (1 Tbsp) + Jujube (3) + Water (1/2 Cup) + Yogurt (1 Cup)

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