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Look on the bright (and smooth) side of life [I]

Breakfasts used to be effortless with the twenty-four-hour Donut shop around our corner and several bakeries on Clement Street. I could have a Maple-glazed-jelly-filled Donut on Monday, a Char Siew Sou on Tuesday, an Old-fashioned Donut on Wednesday, a bowl of Century Egg Congee on Thursday and a dozen of Donut Holes on Friday. 

Weekends are the best. Jon and I would walk down Geary Boulevard and share a Chomp Sleeper (Dutch crunch packed with scrambled eggs, pork sausage, jack cheese, hash browns and Chomp sauce) at Chomp & Swig or queue for a Yamcha brunch (tea and full Dimsum spread).

Not anymore – definitely not after tooth extraction and bone grafting procedure.

I started with the good old basics because smoothies were always store-bought. Am I capable of making smoothies, for myself? I wondered.

Left: Banana + Pineapple Juice + Yogurt
Right: Mango + Coconut Water + Yogurt

Turned out, that I am quite capable. Learning the fundamental of making a smoothie is quite the lifesaver. There is no golden ratio, only personal preference (more liquid or more yogurt).

1 cup of Fruit (I’m not fussy about this. If I have a banana, the whole banana gets sliced up. Same goes for mangoes and avocadoes.)
1 cup of Liquid (juice/milk/water)
1 cup of Yogurt
1 tsp of Brown Sugaroptional
Pinch of Saltoptional

Left: Banana + Mango + Coconut Water + Yogurt + Brown Sugar
Right: Avocado + + Banana + Water + Yogurt + Pinch of Salt

Moving on to mixing ingredients has made my mornings quite bright. I go to bed wondering what I could whip up the next morning. I have somewhat forgotten about the Donuts and Dimsum that I could have had.

Apple + Cashew Nuts + Milk + Yogurt + Brown Sugar + Pinch of Salt

One morning, I got bored with bananas and mangoes – I blended an apple with a handful of cashew nuts instead.

“MMmmm… Yummy! This tastes like oatmeal!!!” Jon exclaimed, “Maybe this could be an oatmeal alternative!”

“Yeah! Maybe Mum would like it too!” I chirped.

Breakfasts have become fun again, with lots of variations. Anything is possible, except I can’t have strawberries and blueberries, yet. My gums are not ready for tiny seeds, according to the clinic.

What shall we have for breakfast tomorrow?

[To be continued…]

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