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Hey good lookin’

I spotted a Red-shouldered Hawk on the roof of the house opposite. It looked like it had just gotten out of bed – fluffy hair with a look of wonder. Within seconds, it fluttered away.

A few days later, another Red-shouldered Hawk appeared. I gasped! It can’t be the same bird! Can it? Where is my camera?

What a sight! An unobstructed view of a bird of prey!

My camera gave chase as it flew across to another rooftop. It was a superstar in a stylish checkered cape and I was completely star-struck. Wah!!!

Then finally on a fence nearby, it was fixated onto something…

I watched it stooped and spread its wing but my heart was racing too rapidly. By the time I clicked my camera, it flew out of my picture and into someone’s backyard (I think).

I forgot what I was doing previously and lost track of time.

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