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The House Finch is not always red

Differentiating the House Finches and Dark-eyed Juncos have been quite an exercise when all of a sudden, a yellow bird arrives!

Wait, you look exactly like the House Finch, and your little ones look so similar to those juveniles I have been watching!

I started talking to the birds a lot and even imagining their conversations.

“Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!”
“No need to be aggressive, say please.”

“Please feed me, father”

“Very well then.”

I learnt that the highlights of House Finches vary by the food they eat. Carotenoids make all the difference, probably why people like to say eating too many carrots could cause our skin to turn yellow.

So I guess this is a second family of finches, are they relatives? Unlike the red finch who dominates the shoe, this is the first time I watch a father feed his child.

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